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custom branding

Custom Products & Branding

Custom Apparel, Grinders, Lighters, Pre Rolled Cones, Smoking Accessories

glass pipes

Glass & Waterpipes

Hand pipes, Chillums/one hitters. Nectar collectors/Dab Straws. Bongs/water pipes

Packaging Supplies


Mouth jars, reversible caps, concentrate containers, glass syringes with measurements.

Silicone containers

Silicon Products

Wax Container, Honeycomb. Hand Pipe, Lego Style Silicone. Sriracha Bottle

multiple lighters

Torches & Lighters

 Lighters and torches offer quality fuel for all smoking experiences. 

Vaping Supplies

Concentrate and Dry Vapes

Portable vaporizer kits for dry herb, wax concentrates and more

Hookah Supplies


Wholesale Hookah Supplies, Accessories, & Hookah Replacement Parts.

vaping concentrates and accessories wholesale


Shop vape accessories and vaping supplies for mods, e-cigs, vaporizers and more

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